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“I just returned to New York from the American Film Market in Los Angeles and must say the LIFF networking Bayou to Beach event was a highlight! The high level of film industry executives who attended was impressive. After speaking to many filmmakers at the event who are planning to film in Louisiana, and being invited to attend the Louisiana Economic Development reception the next day, I am planning to open an office in Baton Rouge in 2018. I look forward to joining the LIFF industry board and leading a panel on casting for actors at LIFF 2018.”
– Liz Lewis, CSA, Casting Director, Los Angeles/New York

“Starting a cultural institution is an enormous undertaking. You made an auspicious beginning. You handled yourself with great aplomb and were unfailingly gracious. Branka and I were very impressed. We were pleasantly surprised that there was such a booming film industry there, a good base for your festival. Bon Chance! We very much enjoyed our stay and met quite a few delightful folks.”
Bob Adelman (Civil Rights Activist & Photographer)

“I just wanted to let you know your festival was a wonderful experience for us. Everyone was very professional and so very nice. The dinner was excellent, thank you for including us. We wish you all the best with your festival and know with your attention to detail, press, the venues it will continue to grow and be an awesome success. Please let your entire team know they were appreciated and we had a fabulous experience.”
– Leslie Zemeckis, Director of Bound By Flesh

“It was a pleasure to share this event with you. The cast and crew were very impressed by the quality of the Festival. We are proud to be in the selection and we hope to be with you for the next editions with our next films.”
– Arnaud Bettan, Producer

“We thank LIFF for sharing the screening of The Book Of Clarence in his home town with family and friends. Awesome feeling. Thank you so much for your hospitality.”
– Clarence & Barbara Fountain, Documentary Subjects

“Since its launch in 2013, the LIFF has annually continued to improve its infrastructure with growing emphasis on patron convenience and demands. I am confident that LIFF will soon enter the ranks of Sundance, Cannes and
– Jerry Leggio, Actor/Filmmaker

“On behalf of Clarence Fountain, Lee Breuer and Sam Butler I want to tell you that we all had a wonderful time at Louisiana International Film Festival & Mentorship Program. Our screening was great., your hospitality was attentive, warm and gracious. Looking forward to being in Baton Rouge again soon.”
– Eric Marciano, Director/Producer

“I had a great time! Too many great films to see! You need to extend another week!!”
– Michael Scott Myers, Screenwriter

“Let me thank YOU for the most incredible 4 days of film, friendship, education and most of all….the celebration of my dear brother Dan’s, life and work. You all (with the best TEAM LEADER EXTRAORDINAIRE, CHESLEY, at the helm) honored Danny’s family and Danny’s memory with your beautiful public acknowledgement of his role with LIFF, the showing of his wonderful film, The Whole Wide World, and with the creation of the Dan Ireland Award. I cannot adequately express what all of this has meant to me. There was so much love for Danny, EVERYWHERE I turned, in Baton Rouge. You made me feel as part of your Louisiana family and I’m SO HAPPY I was able to join in your fabulous festival. I had a wonderful time and am so grateful for the generosity provided with accommodations and transportation. Thank you to the moon and back.”
– Judy Ireland (sister of the late Dan Ireland, LIFF founding Artistic Director)

“I cannot thank you all enough for screening my film, Last Light. It seriously meant the whole stupid world to me. Out of fear, I didn’t pursue an acting career until 3 years ago. Although, I have been in various acting/improv classes
since 13. It wasn’t the booming film industry that made me finally made me take the first step. It was LIFF. I’ve been too intimidated to even volunteer over the last few years. But, I’ve attended every year. Not the workshops. The films. I’ve devoured them. A lifelong lover of the author Emilie Zola, my fave this year was the film about he and his artist friend, Cezanne and I. I’ve always known the value of the product that I was capable of offering (acting). But I could not step away from the fear until the night I saw Elsa and Fred at LIFF 3 years ago. Seeing one of my idols on the screen of my cities’ film festival was both awesome and infuriating. Hard to explain, but it became my goal to be good enough for, and then to pursue, my own film at LIFF. Sorry so longwinded! I just wanted to give you all a glimpse of my appreciation. will never forget it.”
Sam Fisicaro, Award-Winning Actress/Writer/Producer

“I couldn’t have had a better time, it was a joy and an honor to screen The Red Pill at LIFF!”Cassie Jaye, Director