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April 21 @ 11:30 am
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Saturday, April 21 at 11:30 AM
Cinemark Perkins Rowe

The Real Reel * USA * 114 min

Director: John Dunham
Producers: John Dunham, Megan Williams, and Eleanor Bingham Miller.
Sponsored by: The Louisiana Marathon

A stunning achievement in terms of scale, logistics and emotional impact, BOSTON chronicles the iconic Boston Marathon from its humble origins 120 years ago – starting with only 15 runners – up to and including the preparations and eventual running of the 118th Boston Marathon in 2014, one year later after the terrorist attacks. Utilizing over 50 cameras to capture the race from start to finish, and with unique access to an extensive archive of video, photos and memorabilia, director Dunham immerses the viewer in the world of the marathon – the only sport in which an everyday athlete can participate alongside the best in the world – to experience the preparation, competition and camaraderie of the runners and the of the spectators that throng the route. Accompanied by Jeff Beal’s orchestral score performed by the Boston Symphony, and narrated by Beantown native Matt Damon, BOSTON celebrates the ability of humans of all ages, genders and races to be united by a single event.

Language: English

“In the world of running when somebody says “Boston” no further explanation is required. We all know what this means – it is the granddaddy of all marathons. As a filmmaker and a runner, Boston is a race that has always intrigued me. I first began thinking about making a film around 2002, and over the years kept coming back to the idea. When I reconnected with the Boston Athletic Association in early 2013, they were receptive we agreed to discuss the idea further after the 2013 race. Then everything changed. In the months that followed I thought a lot about Boston and how 2014 was going to be a very important year and that it should be documented… Like the marathon itself, this production has been a long and challenging journey and many times we had to remind ourselves to just keep moving forward. BOSTON is a film about courage, healing and digging deep within ourselves to discover strength we didn’t know we had. Even more than a sporting event, this is truly what the marathon is all about.” – Jon Dunham, Director’s Statement

Boston’ becomes an undeniably affecting salute to Bostonians’ toughness, selflessness and sacrifice in the face of unthinkable horrors, and also to their decision, one year later, to return to the race in a concerted show of courage and resolve.” Nick Schager, Variety

The long, rich and, more recently, tragic history of the Boston Marathon is traced with involving detail and heart in director Jon Dunham’s inspiring documentary Boston.” Gary Goldstein, Los Angeles Times

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Date: April 21
Time: 11:30 am
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