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Why Should I become a Community Partner?
Our Community Partners are integral in helping us make sustainable positive change across our city and State! We encourage you to join the movement to build entertainment and education for the next generation of storytellers, artists and innovators. By Partnering with LIFF, your organization members will receive a limited number of special invitations and golden tickets to the festival. You will also receive placement of your organizational logo on the LIFF website as a Community Partner.

Who can be a Community Partner?
A nonprofit organization, public agency, government office, school and private businesses.

What does a Community Partner do?
Partners inform members about LIFF and ways in which they can engage. This can include sharing information about screenings and more.

What do I get as a Community Partner?
Community Partners and their Members may register here to receive a limited number of Golden Tickets. Golden Tickets are coupons which may be redeemed for film(s) at the festival this April 19 – 22.

How can I sign up for this awesome program?
You can check out this simple form here: COMMUNITY PARTNERSHIP FORM